Hello! My name is Brendon, I like to eat cookies, drink chocolate milk, take pictures of food, eat the food, do anything possible to not do homework, and sleep. I also post random pictures, so yep. Oh yea, i'm filipino and yes sometimes I do wonder what life would be like if I was a different race, like a Navi' from Avatar or a Saiyan....Yea....Saiyan....I'd be able to shoot energy blasts and turn into a giant monkey that can destroy buildings..yea.... :'D.Well here is my Tumblr, enjoy :D!

The GIF. pic is of my cousin @32st, follow him on Tumblr!

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  • Question: oh FUCK.. did someone post your pics on tumblrafterhours(.)com - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Honestly, I have no nudes. So I don’t care :P

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Start using this blog again?

Yes… If people still cared.. Fanime, BFD, and my first summer as a College Graduate will start. Therefore…. More pictures with a big ol fancy camera with pics that should be instagramed with but I decided to pretend to be awesome and use it again :D!

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Grand Canal, Venice (by mbaser)


Grand Canal, Venice (by mbaser)

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It’s real? :0 The town of Chichibu in the Saitama Prefecture of Japan.

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Apparently, Dick is short for Richard


Whoa, mind blown. I never knew this. Should I tell the news papers about this now? 

And you’re still reading my Tumblr which is cute.

Crazy I didnt know that for 20 years of my life knowing you!

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I’m laughing so much right now


This guy:

Is in this:

I knew it was him…

Just finished this movie for the billionth time and went “Oh Phil Dumphy…..Being all Delta and shit :D”

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My ipod nano has turned into a watch :). Beats included ^_^!

My ipod nano has turned into a watch :). Beats included ^_^!